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Sunnylife Camera Lens Filters For DJI FPV Model: ND4+ND8+ND16+ND32+ND64

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1. Ultra-light filter about 1.3g/piece. The light weight does not increase the load of the gimbal and does not affect the self-check.
2. Lightweight aviation aluminum alloy frame CNC precision machining.
3. Choose professional optical glass lens the image is clearer
4. Fast and non-destructive installation. A soft EVA pad is attached to the inner wall of the lens frame to effectively protect the original lens from scratches.
5. CPL polarizer is mainly used to eliminate harmful non-metallic reflected light increase color density and deepen the blue sky highlight white clouds make the picture more transparent and improve the clarity and expressiveness of the picture. It is also often used to shoot scenes behind glass clear and transparent water and underwater objects.
6. The main function of the ND filter is to reduce the amount of light entering when the light is too bright so that the camera can select the correct exposure value and avoid overexposure. It can also resist" a large amount of scattered light can increase the color saturation of the picture and make the picture more transparent and beautiful. You can also use a dimmer lens to shoot some special effects with a slower shutter speed such as misty water light tracks at night and so on.
7. Material: aluminum frame + optical glass lens
8. Net weight: about 1.3g/piece
9. Product size: 26 x 6mm"