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Y17 5MP 12mm Dual-lens HD Autofocus WiFi Industrial Digital Endoscope Zoomable Snake Camera Cable Length:1m Hard Cable(Black)

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1. Dual-lens dual-screen display: This borescope can switch between the front camera and the side camera to view the situation at different angles
2. 1-4 times zoom function: the zoom function can help you view the details in the picture or the complete panorama
3. Real-time transmission via WiFi 1080P high-definition images and real-time video will be directly displayed on your phone screen
4. IP67 waterproof endoscope 4 LED brightness adjustable suitable for checking the underwater environment and obtaining clear images such as suitable for checking fish tanks water pipes etc.
5. Equipped with semi-rigid cables which can be bent to any restricted area of ​​any shape; equipped with hooks and magnets to help take out small objects in hard-to-reach places
6. Built-in lithium battery long-lasting battery life
7. Compatible with Android and IOS devices

Product specifications:
1. Lens diameter: 12mm auto focus
2. Pixel: 5 million pixels
3. Resolution: 1920x1080
4. Viewing angle: 70 degrees
5. Frame rate: 30fps
6. Focal length: 5-1000cm
7. Waterproof level: IP67 (only for lens)
8. Exposure lamp: automatic with 6x digital zoom
9. Working temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius
10. Power supply: built-in lithium battery
11. Battery capacity: 2600mAh
12. Use time: 2-3 hours
13. Photo format: MJPEG
14. Video format: AVI